Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Thrift Shopping

I love posts about thrift shopping because people always find the most amazing stuff and I always think, "Wow, I'm living in the wrong place because I never find stuff like that". Well apparently I am living in the right place now - 'cause look what I found!
Firstly I love the art of James Christensen it's very inspirational to doll artists as he's costuming and posing say so much about the characters. So I was very excited to find this brand new, unopened jigsaw puzzle for the princely sum of $3.
The other thing I found was this beautiful top, again - $4.
I also got this book of art works for $2 - I plan to use the pictures in some altered art if I can bring myself to chop it up - I am not very good with altered books as I can never bring myself to chop them - it feels inherently wicked.

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