Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Journal Cover

It was filthy hot today and I have a disgusting cold (is there anything worse than a head cold on a hot summer day?) So gave myself permission to sit down on the job and work on my journal cover from an online class with Jean Bernard. I didn't have time to cut the boards and paper so used a 7Gypsies book that I sell in the shop. For the face I used a porcelain doll face that I bought at the Mittagong Doll and Bear Show. Love using Apoxie Sculpt and the Lumiere paints. It was really quick to do - and I love the result.

Pixie Felt

Got some Corriedale wool and decided to do some needlefelting - made this little character using Birgitte Krag-Hansen's Pixie Felt book as a guide. He turned out pretty well considering he's only made out of 4 colours. I've got him and a couple of other pixies in the shop window - lots of people ask if they are for sale. Might be something in it! I'll be getting the wool in from Ashfords and will have it for sale in the shop - needlefelting may well take over the world! I noticed they had a little felted character in the last Dolls, Bears and Collectible and Sandie O'Neill has a little golly coming up in the next one. Cool.

Bag with Leftovers

Made a little bag from the leftovers from the Picket Fence quilt I made (see below). I gave it to Claire my youngest daughter as she was coveting the quilt. It's a bright cheerful range and has drawn lots of comment in the shop. I forgot to post that the quilt has been accepted for Australian Patchwork and Stitching as a project - woo hoo! I'm going to be published!

Stockings Part 2

I finished the three stockings on the Christmas stocking panel that I had - lots of fun and easy to embellish. Here's a pic of them in the shop window.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Picket Fence Quilt

Here is the quilt I made last week from the Picket Fence range from FreeSpirit fabrics. It's super colourful - really apple green and candy pink - very fresh.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just checking in

Should be in bed as I am driving to Mittagong tommorrow to do the Mittagong Doll and Bear Show - am wondering if I actually know where I am going? Mum is coming with me - we spent the afternoon packing half the shop into the boot of her car. The trick of course will be to get it all back in the same place when it's time to come home.
Have been busy making a quilt for the shop. I am going to submit it to a couple of the magazines to see if they would like to take it as a project however I realise that as a quilter I make a damn fine dollmaker! Hopefully they will photograph it with a soft focus lense. Will post a pic of it when I get motivated enough to link the camera to the computer.
I am also beading a face from Jill Oxton's magazine - gee I hate square stitch! I'm getting use to it now but I think peyote stitch is soooooo much easier - I don't seem to get my Nymo in a knot half as much.
Have also put myself down for the Stitches and Craft show in February for a booth. Am giving a seminar (dollmaking) and a hands on workshop! Who do I think I am? A crazy woman - that's who! The hands on workshop will be making an ipoddess (see last post). Wonder if anyone will want to come make one?