Thursday, February 15, 2007

Doll making classes

I am happy to say that three fantastic dollmakers I know are coming to teach in the shop. First up is Pam Grose. Pam came and did a workshop last year where we did a doll on canvas - I did my mermaid. This time we are going to make either the L'il Monster or Basic Woman or Basic Man. The good thing about Pam is she's so flexible that she can teach different things to a bunch of people at the same time as she paces herself to the individual in the class. She's definitely not a 'pay attention - I'm only going to say this once' teacher.

The second class is with Ann Maullin and is Matilda the Aussie Bush Fairy. I have taken this class with Ann myself and it was a relaxing two days that's for sure. The doll is a no sew doll (no dragging your machine to class). You sew the hands and face at home and bring them with you. The class is great for learning a wrapped armature technique and is the one I used on my Ent. Ann's dolls are always so elegant - wonderful curvy bodies and long tapered fingers for delicate "ballet" like poses.

Last - but by no means least - is a class with Marilyn Halcomb. Marilyn is known as Australia's queen of soft sculpting - but she's also a wiz at Polymer Clay sculpting. She's put me on to a supplier for an airdrying polymer clay - which makes doing a class so much easier as I don't have an oven at the shop. The little character she has sculpted is "Sweet William" (named after a rather cute baby who happened to be in the shop when Marilyn dropped the doll off). I have also done a polymer clay sculpting class with Marilyn and her "sausage and balls" method is so easy (and open to some good laughs if you've got a dirty mind). I will have to post a pic of the head and hands I did in class with her.
So all good stuff happening - for those interested in signing up you can go to my website and book there.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The 4th tag

I've been very slack not posting the pic of my final tags from the tag swap - so here they are as well as a picture of them all together. They are all beautiful aren't they? The first one was made by Liz Waechter and the second one by Dale Rollerson . It was a cool swap to do. Will have to make the tome page now for them to live in.

Red Sky at night

Last week some much needed rain came to our drought stricken state. There were big storm clouds that rolled through and the sun came out - the sky went a weird yellow colour - it was amazing. Here are some pictures of the clouds and the sky as the sun set. It was so beautiful to look at - the boys even jumped in the car with the camera to go take some photos of it!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Ooo my fiery balls

Have been at the Sydney Stitches and Craft Show all week on my stall and doing a hands on workshop with my ipoddess using Colourstreams hand dyed silk thread and velvet and Artgirlz charms. I've also been doing a free talk about the Jacquard range of products. Wow - it's the first major show I've done and it's so nice to have my mum there to keep me company. Mum's cousin Diana comes in to cover for me while I am doing my talks which is sooo sweet of her! I don't think I've ever felt so tired in my life - my feet are so sore at the end of the day - as my grandma use to say - "oh my fiery balls" (meaning the balls of her feet!)
Lots of people ask, "you'll be at the August show won't you?" which I guess is sweet but when I tell them it's like childbirth and I'll need to forget the pain first they look at me as if I've spoken heresy! It's such a lot of work - I am full of admiration for those who travel all over the country doing all the shows. It's a new experience being the other side of the table that's for sure!