Monday, May 19, 2008

Will I ever get ahead? (Pun intended)

Well a month and a bit has gone past. The move went well (even though it was raining) and we are mostly out of boxes. I have painted precisely one wall (in the breakfast room - because I swore I was not going to unpack and repack the buffet and hutch containing the "good china" one more time). Anyway - the colour (Clotted Cream - Dulux) is better than the poo brown that was there - so I am inspired to continue (even though my legs ache from climbing up and down on the chair to paint - who needs a stairmaster?)

I am debating painting the skirting boards because they are all stained at the moment. I want to - but if I start I won't be able to change my mind - so need to know I'll see it through to the end. I can't seem to make my mind up about anything at the moment. I quite like the slate - colours are fantastic in it when the sun hits the floor - but it doesn't quite gel with the pale look I was aspiring to. But it does hide the dirt wonderfully well which is another tick in it's favour. Hmm. More cogitating on the whole question really.

The other great question is drawers for the bedrooms. You wouldn't think it was so ruddy hard to find decent drawers - the only alternatives seem to be crappy MDF or thick chunky pine. I am hoping the antique fairies will help me find some - but people don't seem to relinquish chests of drawers and tallboys like they do other items of furniture. Plus I need lots (three kids and husband).

I have had a chance to do something creative - I recently took a class with Bobbi Oliver (who by mysterious happenstance was featured in the same Patchwork and Stitching magazine that had my Picket Fence quilt on the cover). She is a doll artist who works in Super Sculpey. We made two heads - one a half face to make a pin with (or similar) and the other a full head. Mine turned out quite well - a bit of a character. I took Mum to the class too as a bit of a mother's day present (couldn't think what else to give her) and she had a great time. She makes porcelain dolls with Lis Jones - so doing a sculpt was a bit of fun for her I think. The next day (Sunday) was Mother's Day. My eldest sister was down from Queensland (unbeknownst to Mum) - so we had lunch at my place and Mum got a big suprise to see her there. I made homemade mini lemon meringue pies (bought the pie casings thinking I might lash out and make Neenish tarts again - but then came to my senses). They turned out a treat and I should have taken a photo - but the Robertson family (ably assisted by the Butel mutations) are not shy of a good feed - and they all went too fast for me to photograph anything other than a few measly crumbs. But trust me - they tasted good!!!