Friday, April 11, 2008

Open the Duir

I totally fell in love with this site when I first saw it and its lovely "movie". The movie is available on youtube but you might also like to watch the higher resolution version on their own website. The music is by a Norwegian musician called Martine Lund Hoel. Isn't the world wide web a wonderful thing some days?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

What Is Art?

I love Lesley Riley's blog - she posted this link today - really made me laugh.

You should check out the other Creature Comfort videos there too.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I need a really good sleep.......

Well the packing up continues - I am about to box 70 or there abouts (I've lost count really!)
Still recovering from a rather horrible cough and totally wiped out every day from working and doing the rest of life you know - the whole wife/mummy gig? I am sick of waiting to move - I now want it over and done with.

I found this totally fabulous bed at - isn't it divinity? I love it - and I also love the venetian glass mirror behind it too (and the chandelier for that matter). It's an American website - so won't be ordering one any time soon unfortunately - although I reckon I could get a really big jar of Lumiere paint and transform an old bed somehow??

Oh well - a girl can dream!

I do have a silver dream that turned into reality - my new Mazda 3 Neo Sports. I chose silver (has an black trim inside). After 13 years tootling round in my previous one - it's nice to have an updated car - with CD player, ipod dock, electric windows and central locking (yay!) - better not fall asleep in it!