Friday, December 22, 2006

Vale Kerry

I closed the shop today for 2 hours to go to the funeral of a friend of mine. The church was literally overflowing with people - there were over 300 inside and at least another 50 sitting outside. His wife Kerry Ann gave a wonderful eulogy and his 5 boys spoke with such love and affection for their dad. It was funny and sad and moving all at the same time and there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

One of my favourite Christmas movies is 'It's a Wonderful Life" because it asks the question about what impact one man can have on the world by just living his seemingly insignificant life. My friend Kerry certainly had a massive impact on the world he lived in - so many people there from so many different strands of his life - all brought together to support the family and to say farewell. He was brave and courageous in his battle with cancer and travelled the journey with great peace of mind - knowing his eternal destiny was secure. Vale Kerry - we'll miss you Big Guy.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More Needlefelting

I was browsing through Birgitte's book and saw a little white goose. I thought - I can make one of those. Voila! Here it is with the Goose Boy. He looks a little worried that he's about to be goosed.

The Troll

Needlefelting rocks!

Here is a little troll man that I made over the last two days. This is the first time I've tried the mottled skin effect - the tonality isn't as harsh as it comes up in a photograph with the flash. The skin tone is a result of "cutting" the wool together - there were four different colours used - yellow, peach, green and lime.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Stargaze Tome Page

In case you haven't realised it yet - I am on a bit of a needlefelting gig. I have decided to try to replicate the felting pattern from Patti Culea's Tome series - except using needlefelting instead of the technique she actually describes in the pattern. I love this picture - it is a little Chagall-esque in style but whenever I see it for some reason it reminds me of the Little Prince by Antoine de St Exupery. Here is a picture of Patti's cover and here is the beginning of the project.

My Kids

When you have a teenage boy, a daughter who has just turned 11 and a 6 year old scamp with no teeth - it's hard to get a decent picture of them all together. Didn't quite make it in the all together department - but I love this one of Chris and Emily - they actually look like they like each other (well it was her birthday after all). Claire refused to actually smile in any of the pictures except this one where her the $7500 worth of future orthodontics was on full display. Ahh kids!

Needlefelting Class

Well I mentioned the great wool challenge in the last post and the fact that I taught a class. I decided to do an evening class and thought I might get a couple of people - I ended up with nine (and had to knock about three more back as there wasn't the room). Who'd a thunk it?

It seemed to go very well with all the ladies who came asking to come back for more - so I guess I did ok! Anyway enough about me - here's a picture of the little guys who appeared as a result of the class.

All the Fun of The Fair

In preparation for the first ever class I have taught (ahem) I ordered in 40 kgs of Corriedale Wool from Ashfords. It arrived the day before the class - I then proceeded to divide each 1kg into 50gm bags. My shoulder and hand are suffering from RSI as a result and I particularly enjoyed watching "Day of The Triffids" until 2am as I sat winding up wool. Despite the never ending quality of the aforementioned task it wasn't all bad as the colours are divine and the tactile/textile nature of the wool is soothing. Here is a picture of my favourite - it looks like big rolls of Fairy Floss - not suprisingly the name of the colour is Candy Floss.

Lisa Walton's Quilts

I am really happy that Lisa Walton (Dyed and Gone To Heaven) is going to be teaching three different classes at the shop in 2007. She hand dyes her own fabrics which are just beautiful and teaches beading techniques as well. Here are the three projects she will be teaching - they are called Creative Beading, Power of Three and Fabrications. For those who are interested in dates and costs you can see all the details at

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Journal Cover

It was filthy hot today and I have a disgusting cold (is there anything worse than a head cold on a hot summer day?) So gave myself permission to sit down on the job and work on my journal cover from an online class with Jean Bernard. I didn't have time to cut the boards and paper so used a 7Gypsies book that I sell in the shop. For the face I used a porcelain doll face that I bought at the Mittagong Doll and Bear Show. Love using Apoxie Sculpt and the Lumiere paints. It was really quick to do - and I love the result.

Pixie Felt

Got some Corriedale wool and decided to do some needlefelting - made this little character using Birgitte Krag-Hansen's Pixie Felt book as a guide. He turned out pretty well considering he's only made out of 4 colours. I've got him and a couple of other pixies in the shop window - lots of people ask if they are for sale. Might be something in it! I'll be getting the wool in from Ashfords and will have it for sale in the shop - needlefelting may well take over the world! I noticed they had a little felted character in the last Dolls, Bears and Collectible and Sandie O'Neill has a little golly coming up in the next one. Cool.

Bag with Leftovers

Made a little bag from the leftovers from the Picket Fence quilt I made (see below). I gave it to Claire my youngest daughter as she was coveting the quilt. It's a bright cheerful range and has drawn lots of comment in the shop. I forgot to post that the quilt has been accepted for Australian Patchwork and Stitching as a project - woo hoo! I'm going to be published!

Stockings Part 2

I finished the three stockings on the Christmas stocking panel that I had - lots of fun and easy to embellish. Here's a pic of them in the shop window.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Picket Fence Quilt

Here is the quilt I made last week from the Picket Fence range from FreeSpirit fabrics. It's super colourful - really apple green and candy pink - very fresh.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just checking in

Should be in bed as I am driving to Mittagong tommorrow to do the Mittagong Doll and Bear Show - am wondering if I actually know where I am going? Mum is coming with me - we spent the afternoon packing half the shop into the boot of her car. The trick of course will be to get it all back in the same place when it's time to come home.
Have been busy making a quilt for the shop. I am going to submit it to a couple of the magazines to see if they would like to take it as a project however I realise that as a quilter I make a damn fine dollmaker! Hopefully they will photograph it with a soft focus lense. Will post a pic of it when I get motivated enough to link the camera to the computer.
I am also beading a face from Jill Oxton's magazine - gee I hate square stitch! I'm getting use to it now but I think peyote stitch is soooooo much easier - I don't seem to get my Nymo in a knot half as much.
Have also put myself down for the Stitches and Craft show in February for a booth. Am giving a seminar (dollmaking) and a hands on workshop! Who do I think I am? A crazy woman - that's who! The hands on workshop will be making an ipoddess (see last post). Wonder if anyone will want to come make one?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My ipoddess

My husband gave me an Ipod for my birthday.
I loaded on a bunch of songs and music - I have a very visceral response to music - so having a compilation of your all time favourites is really a little piece of your soul.
Anyway - he wandered out the other night grinning like a Cheshire Cat with my ipod stuck in his ears. I really didn't like it - it was an invasion of privacy! So I thought I needed to make a place to keep my Ipod safe. Hence - the "ipoddess" - my musical muse.
She's like an amulet bag made out of a square of Colourstreams hand-dyed velvet with Artgirlz face, hands and feet charms and beaded with seed beads. The cord is Colourstreams thread plaited and stitched to the bag. I think she turned out well and was lots of fun to make.

Christmas Stockings

Some new Christmas panels came into the shop - they are for Christmas Stockings from Nancy Halvorsen's Peppermint and Hollyberries range. I have made up a set for the shop - here's the first one I made (I've subsequently added beads for a bit of Christmas bling). They are quick to make up which is kind of nice!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fairy Doors

One of the groups I am in has just completed a fairy door challenge - I didn't have a chance to go in it but love the fairy door idea - I want to add one to my shop at some stage! I love this website it showcases the fairy doors of Ann Arbor.
I also love this site they have a book called Fairy Houses Everywhere which my friend's daughter, Annabelle, just loves to look at every time she's in the shop. I also love these escutcheon's that are made by 7Gypsies - have a look at the photo at left. Isn't it great?

Beginners Quilt Class

So many people have come into the shop to ask about quilting classes - most are beginners. It's hard to find good teachers as they are already booked up. However I have found a lovely lady called Carol who is a prodigious quilter and has put together a log-cabin quilt that we can get done in a day - fantastic! Here's a pic - the fabrics are from Nancy Halvorsen's new range Peppermint and Hollyberries.


Had some fun yesterday doing some needlefelting. Used Birgitte Krag-Hansen's new book Pixie Felt as a memory jogger (having had the pleasure of an actual class with her).
The little girl has a fully sculpted mouth whereas the little fellas are pretty quick and simple - but fun in a small group as it looks like they are talking to each other.
If you'd like to see the "real thing" check out Birgitte's website and take a good long look - it's amazing. I also have both her books for sale at under feltmaking and spinning supplies.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blogging away

Just started this blog - too easy! I was cruising and saw there blog and followed my nose from there. I loved their blog - nice and clean design - lots of lovely pics of garden things. I love the charms they sell - I sell them in my little shop. Should leave a note on their blog to say hi (from the other side of the world).
Here are a few people's blogs I enjoy having the odd stickybeak at
- elinor peace bailey
- Patti Medaris Culea
- Dale Rollerson from The Thread Studio (even if she does back the All Blacks in the Rugby)
- Patricia (Pokey) Bolton (who edits Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines (love 'em both))
- Judi Wellnitz (a dollmaker who lives in North Pole Alaska) another creative woman with a great blog.