Friday, December 22, 2006

Vale Kerry

I closed the shop today for 2 hours to go to the funeral of a friend of mine. The church was literally overflowing with people - there were over 300 inside and at least another 50 sitting outside. His wife Kerry Ann gave a wonderful eulogy and his 5 boys spoke with such love and affection for their dad. It was funny and sad and moving all at the same time and there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

One of my favourite Christmas movies is 'It's a Wonderful Life" because it asks the question about what impact one man can have on the world by just living his seemingly insignificant life. My friend Kerry certainly had a massive impact on the world he lived in - so many people there from so many different strands of his life - all brought together to support the family and to say farewell. He was brave and courageous in his battle with cancer and travelled the journey with great peace of mind - knowing his eternal destiny was secure. Vale Kerry - we'll miss you Big Guy.

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