Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm a needlefelting addict

Ok Ok! I confess I am addicted to needlefelting! Here is something else I made - although he's not finished yet. He started life as a witch but somehow turned into a bloke and is now on his way to being a wizard. At the moment he's doing a great impersonation of John the Baptist as he's only a head - but that should change (he now has a stump body and a single shoulder which prompted my 6 year old to laughter asking why he had one boobie?) I've used a skin colouring technique as I don't like the plainess of the cookie colour for skin (too flat looking). Mixing up the colours really gives a good palette. Here is another shot into his mouth he has teeth and a tongue. The bottom of the mouth is actually movable - you can manipulate it by inserting two fingers from behind and working the chin up and down. Cool!


Erica said...

love him!!
have yoy seen a blog by Mo'a
she has just done a whole series of needlefelt characters from Scandinavian mythology

sammy said...

Your neeldefelting is awesome! I love this man... totally awesome! and your rose, this is beautiful... very talented you are!


An Aussie Felter said...

Love your needlefelting Megan! He has so much character!