Monday, January 08, 2007

The Needlefelted Ent

Very early last year or possibly even 2005 (where does the time go) - I had it in mind to make an Ent - you know - Treebeard from Lord of the Rings? Well it rumbled around in my brain for a long time - wasn't sure what medium to use - all offered potential but also had drawbacks. Also Every-Other-Bugger suddenly seemed to come out with a tree/dryad pattern or something that was the epitome of what was dancing around in my brain. Not that I can imagine Treebeard dancing - but I digress. Anyhoo.....

I launched in with great enthusiasm to make a wrapped wire armature. Good start. I did start needlefelting it but it was so damned big. That's a lot of needlefelting you know - I also didn't have the right colours so I stopped - for about a year. Then came the great needlefelting renaissance I am currently undergoing. So I pulled that sucker out and have kept going (the wizard has been thrust aside with his one boob still attached). Haven't finished yet but have started on the face. It still looks quite young at this point as it needs lots of wrinkles etc.. It may also end up becoming a troll/ forest looking creature. These things are very organic and have a mind of their own you know. Anyway here it is in progress.

For examples of other tree/Ent dolls etc that are just divine see Jean Bernard, Pixie Willow, Birgitte Krag-Hansen and Julie McCullough

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