Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fairy Doors

One of the groups I am in has just completed a fairy door challenge - I didn't have a chance to go in it but love the fairy door idea - I want to add one to my shop at some stage! I love this website it showcases the fairy doors of Ann Arbor.
I also love this site they have a book called Fairy Houses Everywhere which my friend's daughter, Annabelle, just loves to look at every time she's in the shop. I also love these escutcheon's that are made by 7Gypsies - have a look at the photo at left. Isn't it great?

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Erica said...

Hi Megan, welcome to blogging!
I've had plans forever to install some fairy doors but like everything else I need my 'round tuit', I read about a lady who had put a whole little room behind her skirting board but can't persuade Tom to cut up our walls. Also want to put little houses around the garden but want them electrified so the little lights come on at night....