Friday, April 04, 2008

I need a really good sleep.......

Well the packing up continues - I am about to box 70 or there abouts (I've lost count really!)
Still recovering from a rather horrible cough and totally wiped out every day from working and doing the rest of life you know - the whole wife/mummy gig? I am sick of waiting to move - I now want it over and done with.

I found this totally fabulous bed at - isn't it divinity? I love it - and I also love the venetian glass mirror behind it too (and the chandelier for that matter). It's an American website - so won't be ordering one any time soon unfortunately - although I reckon I could get a really big jar of Lumiere paint and transform an old bed somehow??

Oh well - a girl can dream!

I do have a silver dream that turned into reality - my new Mazda 3 Neo Sports. I chose silver (has an black trim inside). After 13 years tootling round in my previous one - it's nice to have an updated car - with CD player, ipod dock, electric windows and central locking (yay!) - better not fall asleep in it!

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