Thursday, January 01, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that

Well - this is my 101st post - anybody out there? It's 2009 - can't believe the decade has been and almost gone. Can't say I miss 2008 very much - it was a long year - split into two for me at June as having the shop and then post shop life - so in many ways it felt like two years!
Emily has taken some photos for me of the various things we did in the count down to Christmas - I won't post them here but will add them back into the Christmas posts - who said you can't re-write history?
Spent New Year's at my friend Gail's house in Longueville. Very relaxed evening and we strolled up the hill to see the fireworks around the harbour. We were standing there like two grumpy old ducks rolling our eyes at the ridiculous teenagers standing in front of us. "OOooooo - we don't ever have to do 2008 ever again! Ooooo - we're going to Uni this year! OOooooo - I'm going overseas! Oooooo- I've had sooooooo many Cruisers! Ooooo - I'm going to be soooooo hung over tommorrow! " - what is it about teenagers that they feel driven to comment loudly on every inane detail of their sorry little lives in the loudest voice possible?
Every one else was happy just to stand and ooo and ahhh and the fireworks and hug and kiss and say happy new year!

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Erica said...

oh Meeeegaaaan - of course teenagers weren't like that when we were young VBG...
happy new year!!