Monday, January 05, 2009

Surfing through Endless Summer

New obsessions are fun - and surfing the net (which only really happens for me with a new obsession) can lead you to all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

I found this site which has lots of cool things - including a print out and make your own flip book - something to keep the kids amused until they can't find the stapler. As well as A Bawdy Woman Jumping Jack (although I must say the string seems to emenate from an unfortunate place!) and I love the staging page for the Bawdy Women. As I looked through the site at the automata I recognised a few pieces - I had seen them in Susie Oroyan's various doll books I am sure - how funny that the journey should come back to dolls.

The look and feel of this site reminds me of another great love from my childhood - namely Coles Funny Picture Book - which was an entirely Australian phenomenon - the rest of the world having no idea what they missed out on! Now there were three as I recall - but No. 3 was by far the best.

At some point I also recall Victorian Paper Masks in my childhood - probably my mum bought some - I get my fancies for somethings from her I am sure. They looked like these ones here - and you can still buy some - here's a cool site in New Jersey, USA that seems to sell some pretty fantastic stuff. And this English site which has different collections including Alice In Wonderland. In one of Kaffe Fassett's books - Glorious Inspiration most likely - he has a room with lots of face motifs and there are paper masks like these ones lining the wall. Actually some of those ideas in Glorious Inspiration and Glorious Interiors remind me of the steampunk elements - the collectors eye of shells, natural history, mosaic, animals etc. - wonderful!

I also had this game as a kid - I am not sure what happened to it - might have gone to God in the great clean up of '06 (not that I'd have thrown it out - my love for vintage ephemera was too strong - plus the fact it was MINE!) I distinctly remember playing it at around the age of 9 - especially after I'd had my appendix out - because if I was careful I could lay it out on the bed and not joggle it.

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