Friday, January 09, 2009

Thrift Shopping

I enjoyed a girl's day out with Emily and Claire this week - the boys were away - so we went and hit the shops. First stop was the local Vinnies - Emily - who is just a little germ phobic walked in with her nose crinkled up and all "the smelly old stuff'". Undeterred I scanned the bookshelf and picked up Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert and All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve for the princely sum of $2 each. Claire was happy to pick up a 50c copy of a book on rocks and minerals and Emily soon changed her tune though when she discovered a brand new Fiorelli handbag - for the princely sum of $3. Claire had to get into the game too and picked out a brand new Billabong bag for $2. As we were paying for the bags I noticed this little beauty up on the wall - too good to pass up at $5 it's now hanging in the hall - but will probably relocate to the bedroom. After we left Vinnies, we went past a handbag shop that was having a big sale I'd wanted to check out. Emily was shocked to see the very same handbag that she'd just bought with a price tag of $109! She decided that she'd got the buy of the day. I have to agree!

Today we watched Thoroughly Modern Millie - complete with an extremely young Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore and James Fox (completely unrecognisable!) as was Pat Morita (as in the Karate Kid) who played "Oriental #2" with the very thick round glasses. The other standout of course was the irrepressible Carole Channing - her singing 'Jazz Baby' is the best thing in the movie. The other thing that was divine was the bedroom at Muzzy's "cottage" - oh those white moire taffeta walls and the blue ribbon motif throughout the room. The girls really enjoyed it - especially the part where they have to tap dance in the lift to make it work. It was fun to see them enjoy it so much - I loved it as a kid.

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