Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shiva Sticks

I am in a group of awesome textile artists - we call ourselves the Embellishing Queens. One of the experiments we are planning for this year is with Shiva Sticks (aka Markal). Carole sent through this link at Canyon Textiles. At the same time a couple of the gals on Doll Street Journal added some info about them too. Colleen Babcock wrote this post on her blog last September. Camille Pratt wrote a list of colours she regards as essential. This is what she wrote:

Must have colors (IMO), are the:
Iridescent White
Iridescent Dark Blue
Iridescent Turquoise
Iridescent Red
Iridescent Brown
Iridescent Gold (an antique gold)
Iridescent Copper
Iridescent Light Gold

'Regular' colors (non-iridescent):
Titanium White
Ivory Black
Napthol Red
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Yellow Ochre

With the colors listed above you can mix up pretty much any color you chose(remember the primary colors: Red, blue and yellow), and lighten them with the white, or darken them with the browns or black.
Thanks Camille for permission to reproduce the list here.
Patti Culea is currently working on a cloth doll with Shiva Sticks - find a link to her blog here.
Looking forward to experimenting soon.

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