Monday, February 02, 2009

More Steampunk thoughts

Well - thinking about all that I forgot - there is of course The Time Machine (both the H.G. Wells book and movie). The 2002 version with Guy Pearce has a great scene where he inserts his brass knob into the time machine (located in his very victorian glasshouse) and everything starts to light up and spin etc.

ok - I just published this and didn't mean to - so sorry for anyone who subscribes via feeds and will get 7000 updates!

Other favourite things/people that I think fit well into the steampunk genre are of course Michael de Meng - particularly with pieces like this.

And here are some pics of a few things I think I could put together into a nice little steampunk inspired display.

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Judi W. said...

Did'ja see christi friesen's steampunk pieces? she has a free tute for steampunk hearts.