Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cottage Cream & Portland Stone

The painting continues a pace (because I am actually paying a painter to do this bit!)
The exterior of the house is currently being painted. I googled and googled paint schemes for Tudor style houses - hard to find anything other than the traditional white and dark wood. There were a few ideas out there - this and this and this but not many and mostly of colours were named they were from the US - so no help to me in the Antipodes! So with the help of a book from the library a few googled images and my trusty Dulux exterior paint colour chart - I chose Portland Stone and Cottage Cream (which is the same colour as the interior of the house). So far, so good. Plus I found a great painter - he works like a Trojan and is very neat - so it's all going swimmingly. Can't wait for the final look. The windows look so much better even just in light grey undercoat (to kill the dark varnish on the windows). Here's where we started.

Just to remind you - here's what we started with
So far we've had the roof and guttering redone and removed one tree fern (they are stubborn buggers). Will show you the big reveal next week when the cherry picker has been delivered so that Chris (the painter) can reach our bedroom window. The land slopes away sharply on that side (you can't tell because of the bushes). Looking at this picture I am also keen to get that driveway cleaned off too with a gurney.


Daz said...

Hello, we're thinking of painting our house in Melbourne (Edwardian) with Dulux's Portland Stone colour... could I be cheeky to ask is that the main or trim colour shown in picture casement_w-lrg.jpg ? Thanks Daz

Megan said...

Hi Daz

The Portland Stone is not in this post - it's in the subsequent post that shows the before and after shot of my house - the Portland Stone is the darker colour that was painted on the Tudor wood and windows.

I'm still loving it - so good choice!