Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeling Very Middle Aged......

I was having a moment today (don't worry - it's passed) where I was feeling middle-aged and largely irrelevant. You know those days when you feel like you're not sure where all this is going and you lose that inner knowledge of who you are and why you're here?
Anyway in between having a moment, a glass of Pepsi Max and checking out bloglines - I came across this. Now I can't embed it into this post because it wasn't possible - but seriously - go to YouTube and check this out. For those who know me - you know I don't cry easily - but this really got to me because here's this 47 year old, unemployed, never been kissed spinster with a cat called Pebbles who has stepped up into her extremely improbable dream and - well - you have to watch and see what happens next.

Gold - pure Gold. Thank you Susan Boyle for being on this earth and being so brave & such an inspiration! You are beautiful!


Judi W. said...

i think i've watched that clip about half a dozen times now - even my caveman of a husband is telling people about it. it was great to watch the audience go from snicker to shock and awe. she is brilliant!

Megan said...


Yes - even my husband was grinning like a Cheshire cat watching it. It has had so many hits on youtube now - I think I saw on the news that it has been the most popular one ever.