Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Blog Addict

How many blogs do you keep track of? I had a whole bunch saved into favourites - then someone told me about bloglines.com where you can keep a list of blog feeds and it tells you when they are updated. So far I am up to 66 blogs - is that too much? I hate waiting for my favourites to post something new and groovy - so I figure with 66 feeds then there's something to read every morning (and it's far more interesting than the newspaper these days).

There is so much eye candy out there - it's like a personalised magazine. Speaking of magazines - I hear Victoria magazine is back in print - however whenever I go to their website it tells me it's not there. Very frustrating! I hope it will be available in Australia - actually I think someone mentioned they got a copy at the Crewel Gobelin in Killara - must call them and ask!


fiberfairyshaven said...

wheew!! "Newbie!!" : ) My personal bloglines/googlereader contains 278 blogs.LOL

Megan said...

Oh Fibre Fairy

Thanks - I have soooo much further to go to catch up to you!


Erica said...

I've just been pruning my bloglines..I've got it down to 210 blogs.....
you're one of them of course!

(it does take ages to go through them, it's either an early morning job or late night...I try to avoid the mornings because I often find it's 11am and I'm still reading)
..and the pruning wasn't easy, like you said, so much eye-candy out there

Judi Wellnitz said...

I'm up to 105 ... and I have quite a few I don't feel obligated to comment on so the reading goes much faster, LOL.