Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Eclectic Quilt

I've made another quilt - getting rather prodigious in my old age! This one is a pattern created by Lynne Wilson from Highland Quiltworks called Seams Like Fun - it uses 16 Fat Quarters to make the inside of the quilt in quite an efficient way. I decided to do it out of the Girlfriends Range by Jennifer Paganelli for Sis Boom. I wasn't quite sure anyone else would like it because it's a pretty eclectic mix of fabrics all mushed in together - but everyone who's come into the shop as I've been sewing it has positively exclaimed over it - so I guess that's a good sign huh? Because it's not my pattern it won't be in the magazines as a project but it will be a kit available to buy.


Lissa Jane said...

The quilt looks great! These fabrics are out of my comfort zone but I love this quilt and the fabrics!

Leeanne said...

Wow I really like your quilt and think your little people are great. Wish I could make them.

Linda Misa said...

Hi Megan, you obviously have this blog thing sorted! Can you tell me is there a way to reply directly or do you just have to go to the persons blog and leave comment there?
Anyway, hope all is well and thanks for your kind words - regards, Linda.