Friday, July 06, 2007

Trade Show

Well - I should have posted this about a month ago but - well - I've been a little busy!

Went to my first Trade Show (I can do these interesting things because I own a shop). The main motivation was to hear Kaffe Fassett speak. I have been a long time admirer of all things Kaffe - being seriously so much in love with his books such as Glorious Inspiration and Glorious Interiors (and Glorious Needlepoint etc. etc.) that I have hunted them all down on ebay over the years and bought them all, mostly because I was embarrassed by how many times I'd borrowed them from the local library.

His talk was most interesting and I had a bit of a chat with him at the book signing afterwards. This is where trade shows are so much better than retail - not half so crowded! He had the proofs for his new book (which is due out in September) and graciously allowed people to have a look through so they could get organised making quilts in it before the book comes out in print. I told him how much I liked his old books such as Glorious Inspiration. He asked me how I liked it. I told him, "it's probably not the thing to say to a very visual artist - but gee it's a great read". He took the compliment. My favourites of all his fabrics are the paperweight series and the planets series and the good thing is Rowan Fabrics (who produce all his material) are doing a series of classics that will be available on a permanent basis. As he pointed out people are still buying the books and get frustrated that they can no longer get the fabrics. Here are some pics I took during the talk. I was in the front row but the lighting was absolutely terrible. I've enhanced them to within an inch of their lives so you can see. The quilts are totally spectacular in real life needless to say.This one was my favourite - loved the blue.
The final thing I thought was suprising was how tall Kaffe was. He'd be at least 6ft 2" I think. I'd always thought he was a slight sort of a man having seen him in his various books - so it was a bit of a suprise. Also the fact that despite living in England for 30+ years he hasn't a trace of an English accent. Actually I thought he sounded rather like elinor. I'm sure they'd get on a treat.
Well apart from Mr Fassett, the show was also interesting for the other things I saw there. Monica Poole is a designer of really gorgeous handbag patterns and I spent loads of time circling her stand. I'll be getting some of her bag patterns in for the shop. She's actually in a DVD in the latest Homespun with a pattern and all the tips and tricks to make a bag - totally different process from the one I'd imagined!
There were gorgeous trims everywhere which I couldn't resist ordering as well as the more mundane (but necessary stuff) like handbag magnetic clasps and perspex bag shapes for lining the bottom of the bags. I also went to a talk by Julie McKenzie of Material Possessions. She is a quilt shop owner as well as a designer of patterns - she is responsible for the cupcake cookery book that you see around - very cute projects and her stand was just gorgeous. She was very generous with her knowledge about what works and what doesn't.
I also spent some time talking to Karen and Nora who have recently launched iQuilt. This is an online magazine - huge potential - and both ladies are right up there with those in the know about who's who and what's what.
Ok - this post is getting realllllly long so will buzz off now - more later.

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