Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Cold Old Day in Sydney today

It is a rainy, cold day in Sydney today - can't help sitting here thinking how miserable it must be for those who live on the street. The good news is that we are at $690 (USD) so in AUD that's quite a bit more! I've bought some tents and need to price some sleeping bags - keep your fingers crossed that we can get some at a good price!
It's funny watching the donation process - originally we hoped that maybe 100 or so people might "chip in" $10 or so - however it's less people but so generous - hard to predict what people will do. It's funny in a way though - because if everyone did a little bit - it would all add up to make such a big difference.
Just remember do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are, whenever you are able.
Looking forward to hitting the $1000 mark!

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Wilma said...

Hi Megan
I suppport a program called Shelter Boxes Australia , connected to Rotary ( Basically a box with tent and equipment for temporary shelter , mostly used for disasters like bushfires, floods etc., but I think they have also been useful for homeless communities in Australia and around the world. You may be interested in contacting them or a local Rotary club to help you with your cause, too.
best wishes