Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in the swing

So - got the camera for my birthday - just in time because the other one stopped working - good on you boys!

So - here's a couple of needlefelted things I've been working on - this guy who I did in a colour called "cheesecake" - my kids reckon he's the same colour as the Simpsons.
Then there's this pig which lots of people think is cute but which freaks me out because I think the face is too human.
Then there's this brown bear which I really like - but he's hard to photograph because he's dark brown.

I am waiting on Birgitte's new book which is in print (if you can read Danish) and is currently at the printers (in English) and will be ready in about three weeks (woo hoo). I'll be ordering it in along with her other two books which I've been holding off on restocking because of the cost of ordering and sending from Denmark.

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