Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pam Grose Class Pt 2

OK - got sick of adding to the first post so thought I'd do a part 2.
The L'il Monster is a pattern but Pam also showed me how to do a wrapped armature and use the pattern pieces as cotton lyra skins - here is mine with the wrapped armature and beginning to put the skins over.

This is someone else's monster made with the conventional pattern stuffed around the armature and the stuffed feet

As you can see the creature can be posed in many different ways - creating the character.

Pam demonstrated an open mouth technique which was very interesting. Here you can see the basic form with the cardboard piece inserted to create the mouth. We then had to backstitch around the eyes to adhere the lycra skin to the base - this enabled us to put stuffing around the eye forms to make brow ridges, cheeks and so on.

Once the heads were put on we gessoed the whole body ready for painting. We also used Jo Sonja texture paste to add some dimensional scaly effects.

This is where it got really interesting as individual choices in posing, colour choice and layering reall has an effect on the outcome. I painted mine black.
Ann chose brown and green
Sharolyn decided on a water dragon
Stella decided on purple and green
Lorraine wanted a definitely female monster in purple and pink - don't you love the dainty pose and the long eyelashes?

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