Monday, March 26, 2007

Creative Cloth Doll Beading

Patti Culea is a very, very talented dollmaker and she has written several fantastic books on dollmaking - her latest book arrived in the shop today and I snaffled one for myself (don't you worry about that!) It's terrific - I love beading (thanks to Patti introducing me to Peyote Stitch). The most exciting thing is that Patti included my shop as a place to get resources in her book - so now I can be famous all round the world. Thanks Patti ;-). I should also mention that Patti produced this book in cahoots with Laura McCabe (an awesome beader would be something of an understatement in discribing her work) and Annie Hesse (a cloth doll maker who is also a talented beader. The work in this book is dribble inducing.

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